Class Action Lawsuits a Lawyers 파워볼사이트

파워볼사이트: Imagine a world where large companies had free reign. They could build harmful products, create dangerous work conditions, and cause serious harm without any consequences. The very possibility of a lawsuit forces many companies to make safer products; yet, open any newspaper today and you will see lawsuits used not to protect but to punish. Many lawsuits are used to rectify damage; however, a class action is pure revenge. But, like any revenge tactic who benefits from the revenge, the victim? Maybe. Who is actually hurt is the economy and the consumers as a whole. Read on to find out who really benefits from these class action lawsuits.

Open any mass circulation publication or even look at the AdSense on this site and you will see class action lawyers- “mass tort lawyers” trolling for victims in the latest class action fad. Who hasn’t heard of Vioxx, Mesothelioma, and the tobacco lawsuits. In each of these cases there were victims, conspirators, and of course the class action lawyers. This site exhaustively explores past, present and possible future class action lawsuits.

A quick Google search on the keyword “class action lawsuit” will return hits for sites wishing to sue everything possible. You will see class action suits against Paypal, Paxil, airlines, Oil Rigs. If it is a suable entity someone is targeting them for a class action lawsuit. Be warned that even if you have a legitimate gripe you will not walk away satisfied with your windfall or your “class action lawsuit” victory. You are better off going at it alone than joining a class action lawsuit as you will see in some of the notable class action suits mentioned

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