A Course In Miracles: Illusions by Richard Bach

We read many books in our life and some books make A Course In Miracles on us while others disappear like fog before the sun. We cannot always explain why we do not like a book but if we enjoy a book we can remember why and the detail of the name and writer. The book Illusions is such a book.

The writer Richard Bach

This writer is an amazing person with a fascination for flight. No matter how he tries, he never gets away from anything to do with flying and thus many of his books have a flight related theme.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

If you do not know this writer, the above title will jog your memory as you will have heard the name or you would have read the book. The seagull made an impression on me simply because the book was written so simple and yet the story was great. A normal seagull dreams big and then overcomes his limitations simply because he believes he can do more with his life. Soon after other seagulls see what he can do, they follow.

The book Illusions

To me this is one of the greatest books Richard wrote. Yes, it is not a novel in the normal sense. The novel is hardly a novella and the story is one-dimensional. Two men with a sharing passion, that of flying. It just happens to turn out that one of them is a miracle worker and you soon find this out because his plane is never dirty and he hardly uses any fuel.

The novel speaks of a reluctant Messiah. In the book, miracles do happen but they happen differently. The idea is that if there is a miracle worker living today, the miracles will be different. Instead of water into wine, the Messiah will bring forward fuel or oil from a rock or from water. The effect will be bigger and more appropriate.

The book is written in an easy to understand way and you do not need to know anything about flying to enjoy. If you enjoy spiritual stuff, you will also find many little examples of things you could apply to your own life.

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