AFL Football – NAB Cup Betting

With the 2010 Australian Football League NAB Cup approaching, it is important to recognize what is at stake. Taking place between February 12 and March 13, this pre-season competition should provide spectators with a sneak peak of what is going to come during the regular season. In addition, the intensity will be even higher for this year’s event. As it will be the final competition held in knockout format since the Gold Coast Football Club will be entering the AFL in 2023.

The market for this year’s NAB Cup is tremendous. Gamblers should take into consideration all of the bets available, which entail match betting, live betting, and futures betting. These betting styles are suitable for a particular customer’s desired level of risk and return. For instance, match betting puts a customer head-to-head with another better, and points are awarded based on team performance. In contrast, live betting allows a gamer to enter the pool at almost any point and bet on specific instances of the match, whether it is a kick or a rush. Finally, those looking to secure a more lengthy financial interest over an entire season would enter the futures market. Which gets as detailed as the Brownlow Medal and Coleman Medal candidates. While this type of betting is known to be less risky. The reward is usually not as high when compared to the other betting styles.

February 12th will bring forth the first match-up for the NAB Cup. As the West Coast Eagles will take on Essendon Bombers. The bracket-style format should provide for some interesting competition. And it is no secret that the victor will undergo considerable physical strain prior to the start of the regular season. Each of the sixteen teams participating have been given pre-season rankings, and these rankings have played a critical role in the payouts for the NAB Cup winner. For instance, Geelong is the favorite, and the payout associated with this team (if it were to come out victorious) would be $5 for every $1 wagered. In contrast, Melbourne is showing $51 for every $1 wagered. A clear indication that the experts do not feel confident in Melbourne coming out on top.

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