Better Than A Course In Miracles

A Course In Miracles: breathing is something we are most likely to take for granted. Yet, observe a preemie whose every next breath is another miracle ~ or witness someone’s exhaustion, when in need of a lung transplant, who truly knows why they call it ‘laboring to breath’. Then, we just might get a glimpse into the fact that, if we can breath at all, we are a miracle, too.

God is in the miracle business, every day, blessing us in so many ways wherein we aren’t even looking. In fact, we are so ungrateful that, if one leg is in pain, we don’t thank Him for the one that isn’t. We invite Satan to extend suffering, with words like, “I may never be able to walk again.” If our healing isn’t instant, do we conclude that God must have stopped doing miracles? If God does do miracles, perhaps we decide it must be for someone else.

According to your faith be it unto you. If you don’t believe God heals, He won’t. If you believe that miracles were only for beginning the new church age, you’re missing out on blessings. Scripture was written as an example, not a history lesson. In all the ways God loved people of old, He wants to love us, too.

There are many gifts of healing, not just one, with diversity and differences in operation. But, God does heal. After all, Jesus wasn’t the only gift God gave … and a gift is free. God always heals, all that will receive, and that includes you, too.

We might see a physically blind man. But, God may see the spiritually blind heart. To give that man spiritual site is worth far more. In fact, his spiritual sight, along with his physical infirmity, just might open more doors of opportunity to minister, as people are in awe of all he has to share, in spite of that handicap. In fact, one non-functioning sense could heighten all his other senses for true greatness.

Another could be physically lame; an outward show of one’s inner desire to minister, but often faltering. Teach that person to spiritually walk, following none other than God, and they will be able to physically walk. As is often the case, heal the inner man and the outward one will function correctly ~ regardless of x-rays.

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