How Do We Create A Course In Miracles? 

When we are positive and loving we create A Course In Miracles for others. When we are authentic and reach out a helping hand the miraculous occurs. When we are reverent and gentle our energy influences those around us. Our positive and loving energy changes those around us. Miracle workers are light keepers, shining brightly for people to see. In this day and age it is essential that more of us become miracle workers. That is what conscious living is all about. We have a tremendous amount of input in how the world is and how it becomes. When we change our attitude & behavior and focus on the healing aspects of our being, we affect the energy that surrounds us. This can be felt by others, sometimes subtly, sometimes in very strong ways. By helping create miracles, we don’t have to strive for the big ones. Little miracles are just as important.

What is a miracle? A miracle is “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers”, it can also be a “wonderful occurrence, or wonder or marvel.” Miracles inspire us and make us believe in something beyond our self. Miracles are healing and nurturing. The power of belief is all part of a miracle. When we send out positive loving energy and let it go to the universe miracles occur. We make our intent known through our thoughts, prayers, writings, beliefs or actions. We feel this intent with our hearts. Then we let it go. Letting go is part of the process because true belief and intent offers little resistance or doubt. Faith in a higher power or the larger energy of the universe is a major part of being a miracle worker. This is a process in which we learn over time. Start small, be thankful, and work from there!

What are ways to be a miracle worker?

1. Send out a loving prayer or thought to help someone in need.

2. Be loving and compassionate. Give to others.

3. Give a compliment or a gift.

4. Have faith in the larger universe. Make a prayer, say a blessing, ask for help, and then let it go. This is the process of miracles.

5. Miracles come in all sizes – large and small – they all are important. Learn to start small and be thankful every day that you have this energy to help others.

6. Learn to love and trust. Operate from the heart.

7. Find guidance from the connection with your higher self and higher power.

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