Take a Look at Mind Spiritual Movies, the Missing Link

Spiritual Movies: Anyone that knows me, also knows that I’m a naturally frugal person and don’t like spending money at all and definitely not on something I’m not sure about. However, the cost was extremely low for the whole package, including bonuses, so I dug out my plastic and bought it.

Another reason I actually bought it was because it came into my life at just the right time anyway. I was already trying to make my own easy version (Power Point) of a mind movie and with this package I can now make a proper one. The Law of Attraction was well and truly in action, for me. That’s the real “Secret” – being ready to take action, to achieve a goal, when the opportunity comes along.

My understanding of a mind movie is that it’s a modern version of a vision board. There was a time when I used to cut pictures out of magazines and create a mood board to help me visualize and focus but times have changed, and moved on, so this whole mind Spiritual Movies business actually makes sense to me.

I downloaded everything from the website, watched all the tutorials and then set to work creating my first mind movie. I say first, because this was such good fun that I’m now totally addicted to playing around and creating all sorts of different movies!

I’ve uploaded my first mind movie and entered the competition to win $5000.00. I’m now creating a Breast Cancer movie, Spiritual movie, Health movie, Wealth movie. . . just about every mind movie I can think of.

I’m also using the software to create movies for my offline businesses and even my children are creating their own movies. My entire household has gone mind movie crazy!

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