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The GamesCom is over, but many impressions remain. The same applies to the dancers who were allowed to perform at the latest dance games at the fair. We from had the chance to ask Sarah, Carolin, Manuel, and Lisa for their opinion about the dance games of the newest generation.


Unlike in previous years, this year it was not music Pubg pc games like the rock band, guitar or DJ Hero that spread the word in the halls of the Koelnmesse Club flair. Much more it was dance games like Just Dance 3, DanceStar Party or Dance Central 2 which moved the masses. The crew also took care of Carolin, Lisa, Manuel, and Sarah. With them, courageous people could dance on stage and perform to Duck Sauce or LMFAO in front of the fair visitors.


Dance games are well received by casual gamers and have been in demand since the success of Just Dance. Just Dance was a pioneer in this genre. In 2009, this title with 4.3 million copies sold to the chart top of the Nintendo Wii stormed *. Only the second part of the series could outdo it. Even top titles like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, could not drive the troupe of quit-colored dancers off the screens of the Wii owners. With such a success, the developers of Ubisoft Paris did not have to change much for Just Dance 3.


The gameplay has remained the same:

It’s about, with up to four players, mirroring the dance moves of the dancer on the screen. With the Wii / Move remote in your hands or the Kinect camera, the console detects if you are moving properly. It counts rhythm, timing, and precession in the execution of the movements. The more perfect the mimicry, the more points there are. It is danced to current pop and club music. In the newest part of Just Dance 3, Barbara Streisand from Duck Sauce and also Taio Cruz’s Dynamite are among them. For the first time, Just Dance will also be available on the Playstation Move and the Microsoft Kinect system.


In addition to the predecessor, the points display and are also the lyrics displayed and animated to sing along. Even dancer Carolin caught herself over and over again, as she tells us. With the Kinect version, this is even rewarded. Because the microphones in the Kinect camera recognize when you sing along the lines and reward the player extra points. It did not know if you hit the pitch. But that’s the mentality of Just Dance 3. It’s not so much about doing the moves perfectly, it’s just about having fun as a group. If you want you can also dive deeper into the game.


“I am surprised how close the game comes to what we do,” says professional choreographer Manuel, not just talking about night dancing, because the Kinect version has another exclusive feature: ” Just Create ” is a mode in which one Record his own choreographies and share them with other players “If you put a little more energy into the game Pubg pc, you can really learn some basics for modern dance and get in shape,” says Sarah and Manuel. Especially the Just Sweat It Out mode”Help.


In this, a playlist is compiled, which is processed like a workout plan and should help to get in shape. Sahra is convinced of that and is happy to be introduced to dancing playfully. You can play around without being watched by others, as is the case in the dance studio. “It helps to develop a feeling for his body and to train him,” she tells us. “Even when we [you and Carolin] had to perform on stage for 10 minutes, we’ve been ‘wet’, wet.” But Just Dance 3 is not the only dance game Ubisoft has on the grid.


Here you see Caroline (left) and Sarah performing with a guest on the Ubisoft stage.

With The Black Eyed Peas Experience for Xbox Kinect, there is also a fully licensed dance game. In this, you can dance to the sounds of Black Eyed Peace. It is not set as in Just Dance on a colorful and shadowy presentation, but it is tried by realistic graphics Fergie,, Taboo and bring closer to the player. And that’s also the biggest weakness of the game. Because the focus is so much on the BEP, the choreographies are strongly influenced by their style and not for everyone is something. Apart from that, the music selection is also limited.

It’s hard to see the game as more of a “license mess”. Especially if Just Dance 3 is also an option. It’s more for fanboys/girls. Also, it has to compete with Dance Central on the Kinect.


Here’s The Black Eyed Peas Experience in action.

Dance Central 2 is Microsoft’sAnswer to Just Dance. But unlike Just Dance, this game wants to teach the player the individual moves. It is possible to look at the individual moves in detail and repeat them until he is seated. Some complex choreographies demand a lot from the player. But for those who are too fast, she can watch herself in slow motion.


It’s even possible to record yourself and compare it directly with the choreography of the game. This effectively replaces the coach and shows his own mistakes exactly. Also on the ease of use has been worked. So now you can record your performance with a simple voice command, “Xbox, record video!”. Also, the game can be paused so. With a line-up of 40 songs should be provided for variety.


Here is dancing to Dancespan> Central 2.

Also, Sony will put the hips of their customers on the move. That’s what the DanceStar Party is supposed to do. As the name suggests, unlike SingStar it’s not about singing, it’s about dancing. With 40 songs can be danced in different difficulties. This is how about 160 dances come together. Again, it is possible to record his choreography and share it with friends. Also, videos and photos of the performances can be shared. Similar to SingStar, new songs will also be offered as DLC so you can stock up on your library.

Unlike the other games, the video of the song is shown here as well as the dancer. The visualization is generally tailored to individual videos and provides a coherent overall picture. It is also possible to have the dancers displayed on the screen.

The game offers many more ways to let off steam at a party and get going.

So you dance to DanceStar Party.

These are the big dance games of the fair. There should be something for everyone. Although the titles are very similar, the details bring the rash here.


Just Dance 3 will be released on October 11, 2019. Dance Central 2 will be released on October 21st. The Black Eyed Peas Experience will be released a little later on November 10, 2019. DanceStar Party has not yet been named for its exact release date but is due to be released this year.

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