The Secrets of Freemasonry Fellowship Exposed

Depending on how active the Masons are that live within your area will most likely determine how familiar you are with them. They are sometimes called Masons or Freemasons Fellowship. Their fraternity as they like to call it is called the Masonry or Freemasonry.

It is not a new organization and its known roots go back to the 1700’s and probably beyond that. There has also been said that the Masons are a very secretive organization and it would seem that there are never two identical explanations about exactly whom they are, or what they stand for. In their short-term explanation, they will tell you that they adhere to rigid moral values and standards. They constantly strive for the betterment of themselves as a group of men who simply formed an organization. They strengthen each other in their beliefs by fellowship, which is what their meetings are for.

So if Freemasonry seems to be something that many people are familiar with why is it dubbed a secret society? It’s true they don’t hide the fact that they exist. In fact, they have temples or Wilmette Lodge as they are most often called around most of the world. In addition, they are very active within their communities by way of charities. The secrecy they are accredited with is in regards to what goes on behind closed doors at their meetings. They would appear for the most appear to almost be sworn to an oath of secrecy and no member is allowed to discuss the specifics of what takes place at their meeting.

The members will admit that they are some things that are kept secret like what goes on at their meeting and their secret handshakes. Then there is a secret password one has to use to gain entrance. The masons don’t find this unusual as they say that many facilities have codes that must be used to gain entrance. While this is true, that’s normally applied to places for top security reasons. Therefore, what goes on at the Masons meetings that require security by way of password? Perhaps nothing, but this is where people have built their beliefs on the Masons being a secret society address: 1450 N. Lehigh Glenview, IL 60026-2027.

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