9 Days Tours From Fes – 7 Destinations in Morocco I Bet Can You Can’t Name

9 Days Tours From Fes: Exotic Morocco is as mysterious a land as you may ever encounter. From the Sahara Desert across the High Atlas Mountains that is the backbone of the country, exotic Morocco is as unfathomable as the Atlantic Ocean that washes the western shores. But what do we really know about Morocco?

How may nomads roam the deserts? Is it Berbers who live in the mountains and who are the people that ply their trades in the souks? How many destinations in Morocco can you name? I discovered places I had never heard of until I was on an adventure tour in Morocco Private Tours.

Yes, I had been before and Fez (or Fes), Casablanca, the Atlas Mountains and the market city of Marrakech were all familiar to me. But these destinations in Morocco were not! I bet you can not name them before you read on. (no peeking!) 

  • The  Imperial City of Meknes, once home to one of Morocco’s greatest rulers.
  • The Roman site of Volubilis.
  • Merzouga in the Sahara Desert east of the Altas Mountains
  • The vast, impressive dunes of Erg Chebbi
  • The imposing Todra Gorge one of Morocco’s greatest natural wonders.
  • The oasis town of Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Haddou which contains the best preserved collection of kasbahs in Morocco.
  • The Berber town of Taroudannt and the restored Sultan’s palace within the town walls.

I bet you know more destinations in Morocco than you did a few minutes ago! So maybe you did know and I lost the bet. You win, well done! One thing is for sure, reading about adventure tours in Morocco make me want to go again.

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