Moroccan Cushion Covers – An Inexpensive Way to Spice Up a Room

Moroccan Cushion Covers: Changing one’s interior color design can be inexpensive, enabling a unique style that will not be duplicated anywhere else. By adding a splash of color or a creative pattern with pillow covers and custom slipcovers, one can make any room bloom with vibrancy. Pillow covers and custom slipcovers come in a variety of designs, textures, and colors that are sure to please even the most selective, economical individuals.

A Low Budget Item That Can Transform Any Room

When individuals decide to change the look and feel of their residences, they generally consider what they want and then decide on the amount of money they have to spend. In a sluggish economy, disposable income is limited. Pillow covers offer a lovely alternative to spending too much money on enhancing your home’s interior. They will fit in any house, apartment, or college dorm room, and are an efficient, cost-effective method to change the tone of any room.

Pillow covers are made to fit the pillows one already owns. All the buyer needs to furnish are the pillow’s dimensions. Then they choose their preferred color or pattern and the manufacturer does everything else. They are available in square, rectangular, T-cushion, diamond, and trapezoid contours, and come with a concealed zipper for easy removal.

Moroccan Poufs are great for throw pillows, floor cushions, crib mattresses, or pet bed covers. All one needs to do is choose the fabric, design, and colors they want to incorporate into their existent home décor. One example might be in choosing a material made for high traffic areas such as patios, dining room chair covers, or pillows for the always-occupied family room. Some varieties available include those with a floral design on a sepia background with accents in green, Tuscan red, and beige. The fabric is comprised of 100% cotton duck and is machine washable.

Another excellent choice for high traffic areas could be a pattern which features shapes and angles that are combined in a contiguous abstract synergy with bands of sage, pale taupe, and dual-tone cordovan brown woven into a textured jacquard pattern. Interspersed in this design are elements of khaki, olive green, sand dune brown, and ecru. Made of 50% cotton, 50% polyester, this fabric is soft to the touch, durable, and machine washable.

Helping Worn Furniture Look New Again

While pillow covers can add extra dimensions to a room, if worn fabric on existing furniture is the issue, one might want to consider custom slipcovers as an alternative to the expensive reupholster option or the even more expensive furniture replacement option. Custom slipcovers will change a room’s personality without requiring that a great deal of ‘hard-earned money is spent. They are made especially for cushions that have a box corner appearance and corner thickness, and are custom made to fit your furniture’s length, width, and height. Even those hard to find T-shaped cushions can have cushion covers made exclusively for them.

One may not always want to change their entire color pattern, but may just want to spruce up worn cushions or add a subtle touch to their existing style. For earth tone decors, a custom slipcover can be chosen made of tapestry fabric which features a Moroccan theme in rich colors of burgundy, tan, green, and a touch of black. It will add elegance to any room and is made of a durable cotton/polyester fabric and is machine washable. If one just wants to add a lighter touch to any room, there are classically styled varieties of woven canvas with a warm, off-white natural color. Soft to the touch yet extremely durable, this fabric adds a warmth and comfort to any home, coordinating easily with other patterns.

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